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For various reasons, people decide to work away from home. Someone is looking for an acceptable salary, another is looking for a job in their specialty, and the third has been lured by relatives for the company to their brigade.

In the current crisis conditions, the once successfully operating enterprises are closed. On still operating productions pass mass layoffs. There was no place to work even for specialists with experience, not to mention youth.

The shift method of employment remains popular in recent years, as it allows workers and their families to acquire or maintain financial well-being.

A watch implies the fulfillment of a labor function in a geographic distance from home for a limited period of time. In this mode of labor has its pros and cons. These are what the shift workers called us called.

1. Watch work salary

If you type in the search engine phrase «watch work », then the first vacancy line will pop up. As it turns out, the most in-demand professions on watch are: security guard (salary from 150 thousand tenge), driver-mechanic (from 250 thousand tenge), engineer of the production and technical department (from 300 thousand tenge), chief mechanic (from 350 thousand tenge). It turns out that it is not much higher than the average in the city - so is it worth going to hell for Easter cakes? But do not rush to conclusions. Money for the work of watch depends on hours (Payment for work in conditions of watch are considered only in hours). Salaries are higher at the rate of standard hours, but there is always processing and holiday pay on average + 10% to salary. The maximum number of reworkings or night shifts that rely when working on a rotational basis can be + 80% of the official salary.

2. Employment on watch

Getting a job on a rotational basis is not so easy! Even a security guard. The competition among those who want to keep the watch very tough: for example, former law enforcement officers, masters of sports in martial arts, as well as former soldiers work in the protection. And in general, most of the warm places on the watch are not random people, but are distributed on the recommendation or strict selection among the interviewed persons.

3. Watch conditions

The health status of each applicant for work on a rotational basis is carefully checked. So first of all, you need to soberly assess your capabilities: money is a good motivation, but damage to health can be irreparable. Work at oil and gas factories or fields there is a gas emission, it negatively affects the heart and pressure, increases blood sugar. The process of adaptation for newcomers who come to work on a rotational basis, is accompanied by persistent colds and other diseases. Add to this low or, on the contrary, high temperatures, sudden drops in atmospheric pressure, high humidity, intense rhythm of life, as well as beriberi and a lot of sun. In general, many doctors recommend working on a rotational basis for no more than 7 years.

4. Alcohol on watch

People who are on duty today, against expectations, practically do not drink. At least one month (that is how long, as a rule, the watch lasts, on average), the dry law becomes fundamental, otherwise - dismissal. Moreover, according to experienced "shift workers", during this period the body simply becomes unaccustomed to alcohol. True, not all, of course. And finally, the main reason for the sober mind and hard memory of a watch worker is the lack of cash, since the salary is transferred to a card. And where do you use it in the field?

5. Life of watch workers

The leisure of brave souls going to work as a watch does not differ by special diversity. True, people go there not to have fun. All free time "shift workers" spend in camps. This is a whole complex of residential, sanitary, and even cultural facilities. Directly, the housing of an employee of the watch, as a rule, consists of special modules, including canteens, gyms and greenhouses (if lucky).

Advantages of work watch

* There is a chance to find a job in their specialty in another city without changing their permanent residence.
* There is an opportunity to earn many times more than a dying enterprise in his town.
* Work schedule provides for a long "vacation" between the watches .
* You can climb the career ladder in a large, stable and successful enterprise.
* Work in harsh lands gives benefits and advantages - for example, when you retire.
* Duty workers always pay for food, travel and tickets when traveling on vacation on vacation.

Cons of the shift method

* Watch, as a rule, is physically hard work, often in harsh climatic conditions, far from civilization.
* Work schedule is tense: 10-12 hours a day, with one day off.
* It is necessary to have a specialty in demand on the labor market and to be a high-class specialist.
* We have to live for weeks away from family and home. Not all families of shift workers pass this test.
* Not adjusted, “marching” life, living in a dormitory or a rented apartment in a room for several people, in trailers.

Tips experienced veterans

* Examine the site of the selected organization. Read the portals of the city where you want to go. Take a look at the forums where they discuss the work of the watch.
* Forget about bad habits - in many enterprises for alcohol abuse quite severe fines and penalties, including dismissal under the article and without pay, are imposed.

Specialist Comments

Vazhnova Irina
12 June 2017 в 11.00

Dear potential candidates, before you go to work, you need to pass MANDATORY COURSES at APEC PetroTechnic, Nursaya Microdistrict, ul. 11th, section 24. Also, ADDITIONAL COURSES at the address of the KRTS Training Center, Abulkhair Khan Avenue, 1. On the day of completing the additional courses, you need to get a pass and certificates, they are given out at the KRTS Training Center, What you need to pass the received badges and certificates to a KPS specialist for registration. The results of the tests will be known within two days, if the test is passed, then you will receive a date for your release on the watch. If the test is not passed, then you will be recorded for a retake within two days. On the day of transfer at the station of Atyrau city, you will be met by a KPS specialist and put you on a bus that will bring you to the hostel territory in the shift camp. Thank you for your attention to our company and we will be glad to see you with us!

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