How to successfully pass an interview

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For some lucky job interviewers; This is a pleasant conversation with the employer, which always ends with mutual satisfaction: the employer received useful information, and the applicant; flattering words in his address, and maybe even an invitation to work. However, for many other job seekers; this is a real test: for some reason, communication with a personnel officer always happens differently than we would like.

Usually, the interview is preceded by telephone communication: either with the assistant secretary, or with a staff member of the personnel department. When you make an appointment, do not hesitate to ask in detail where the company is located, how convenient it is to get there: this will avoid late arrival. In principle, by telephone you can also clarify some conditions for future work in a tactful manner: sometimes this needs to be done to decide whether you should spend your time on personal acquaintance with a potential employer.

Gathering for an interview, take with you more documents that characterize you from the best side: a diploma, work record, and so on. If you are afraid of losing them, take photocopies.

Dress up for an interview so as to conform to the personnel officer's ideas about how the employee in this position should look like. If you are going to get settled into an audio CD store, you can wear ripped jeans and a cap, because salespeople in such establishments wear this informal style. But if you have to interview for the position of a marketer in a construction company, then street clothes will not work: you need a strict business suit.

Prepare in advance the answers to the questions that most likely cause the greatest interest of the employer. Usually, personnel officers are concerned about what you did at previous jobs and for what reason you quit, why you want to work in this company, what you value most in work, what qualities you think are positive and which are negative.

Get written recommendations from previous jobs. Also ask your former employers for permission to give their phone number for verbal recommendations.

Be prepared that you will need to perform a test or some task. For example, if you are a HR manager, you may be asked to answer questions about the Labor Code.

At the interview may be present not only personnel officer, but also other employees of the company, such as heads of departments. Sometimes an interview in a firm takes place in two stages: the first is an introductory, the second is final, when a decision is made by your immediate superior .

Sometimes there is a group interview for specialists: that is, representatives of the personnel service do not talk individually with each applicant, but with a whole group of candidates for a vacancy. Sometimes this happens to save time, sometimes in order to find out which of the applicants is more valuable .

Sometimes, besides resumes, you may be asked to fill out a form. Questions in the questionnaire and resume may be duplicated. But you still have to do it if this information is important for the collection of unified information by company employees.

Useful tips:

  1. Talk about what you consider to be the best winning in your position. .
  2. Please note that you may be asked quite sharp, unfriendly questions. Your task is to respond to them courteously, without aggression.
  3. Do not forget to ask all the questions that you consider important: on salary, work schedule, on fines and bonuses, standards of workmanship, on compliance with the Labor Code.
  4. Do not sit in a cheeky pose. Try to behave according to the situation.
  5. Perhaps during the interview you suddenly realize that this work is not for you. Do not rush to leave: you can extract a rewarding experience even from a failed interview.

You can ask at the interview:

  • what are the prospects for career growth and salary growth;
  • what social benefits are provided for in the enterprise;
  • how does the training in the company;
  • Is it permissible to combine work with study outside the firm (institute, courses) ;
  • How long is the trial period and what is it, will you have a mentor .

What is undesirable to do at the interview:

  1. get angry, show offense;
  2. criticize the procedures established in the company;
  3. to speak of yourself as an infallible employee.

Usually the interview takes from 15 minutes to half an hour. However, there are one-hour, in-depth interviews that an employer uses to learn about you as much as possible.

Specialist Comments

Mikhailova Valeria
07 May 2017 в 14.30

Dear potential candidate, how will pass the interview, you must send copies of documents: 1. Photo 3x4, 2. ID card, 3. Employment record, 4. All available diplomas and crusts, 5. TB certificates and tolerances. All these documents are accepted only by e-mail. It is also necessary to enroll in courses in your specialty and be sure to get confirmation of the date and time from our specialist. If your name is not in the lists, continue with the same group and add your name to the teacher’s list for each course you need to complete. After successfully completing all the courses, receiving certificates and activating passes, you will receive an exit date for the watch where you sign the Employment Contract and get the second original in your hands. We are grateful for your attention to our company and will be happy to work with you.

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