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Resume - an official document, the rules for writing which are regulated by the management of clerical work.

The scope and requirements for the resume

It is necessary to think over several variants of the resume - for sending by mail (or delivering in person), by fax, in electronic form by E-mail. However, the texts must be identical. The design may differ - a well-chosen photo will decorate the resume, but think about how it will look received by fax.

  1. The first unshakable rule is that the summary volume cannot exceed one, maximum two A4 pages, and it is desirable that the key information be on the first page. If the volume does not allow this, then think about what information you can donate. However, if a person has a lot of experience, this creates certain difficulties and limitations, but when typing resumes on a computer, there is an opportunity to circumvent this rule: change the font size, although this is not desirable - the resume should be easy to read.
  2. If the resume takes more than one page, at the end of the page it is indicated that the continuation is on the next sheet. On all sheets except the first one, the sheet number is printed and the last name is indicated.
  3. If the volume of the summary turned out to be one incomplete page, the information must be arranged so that the page is fully occupied with text.
  4. To write a "correct" resume, you must use one font, preferably Times New Roman or Arial. Many fonts of different sizes are unreadable! Strict design style - an indispensable condition. You should also not demonstrate the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop filters: a resume is a document.
  5. As for the font size, the standard for the resume is the font of the 12th size. It is necessary that all contents be the same size.
  6. Each section of the summary should be separated from the previous one.
  7. Headers are best bold and / or underlined.
  8. Be sure to check the spelling (F7 button in the Word editor). A resume with errors has no chance.
  9. The summary should be written in simple language.
  10. For this type of document, the following page markup is recommended: top margin - 2 cm, right - 2 cm, bottom - 2 cm, left 2.5 cm. The field is restricted to a centimeter and instead of the standard 12th font size, use the 10th. At the same time, the option of reducing the font is acceptable only if the resume will be sent to the employer by E-mail or handed in person. In the case of sending a resume by fax, the font size less than 12 is better not to use, otherwise it will be impossible to read the resume.
  11. For the abstract paper is used in white, good quality.

Non-standard resume

If you decide to write a non-standard resume, keep in mind - this strategy is not good in all cases. As a guide to action, it can be adopted by representatives of creative professions who are “allowed” to deviate from the standard. As for the specialists of other (non-creative) professions - engineers, drivers, accountants, etc. - here it is preferable for applicants to remain within the framework of officially approved standards. This is due primarily to the fact that the specialists of this profile are required accuracy, thoroughness and the mandatory observance of job descriptions.

It should be borne in mind that recruitment agencies, as a rule, use the resumes sent to them as a source of obtaining the necessary information about the job seeker, so it is "dry" distilled into a standard resume form, in which "creative liberties" are canceled. If you send a non-standard resume directly to the employer, then there is a chance that your creative approach will be appreciated by those to whom it was intended.

Creativity Opportunities

There are several standard lines, following which you can transform a resume into something creatively non-standard.

  • The photo. According to the classic canons of office work, the photograph should be approximately the same as in the passport. But here, there are no rules without exceptions. One legal editor came up with a very interesting move - instead of a photo on the resume, he placed his silhouette portrait, one of those cut with scissors.
  • Design. You can write the key points of the resume in a non-standard font.
  • Epigraph. This tool should be used carefully. It is as effective as it is unpredictable consequences. Some employers do not like excessive "cleverness". But suppose if the applicant for the personnel manager in the personal qualities column writes his motto: “Putting people first, you will never make a mistake, even in matters of receiving money (Michael Marx)” - his resume will not get worse .

Risk area

The share of "non-standard" is approximately 0.5% of the total number of resumes. Moreover, not all of them are really creative. Using a non-standard approach to writing a resume, you must be prepared for the fact that HR managers can interpret it, in the sense that the candidate is too extravagant and difficult to cope with.

The photo

The photo should not exceed the passport size (3.5 to 4 cm). Naturally, beach photos, and even more family ones, should not be imprinted on the resume, by this you only express disrespect for the employer.

There are three reasons why you should upload your photo:

  1. A resume that includes a photo of the author is more productive and interesting to the employer.
  2. Photo contributes to more reliable identification of your personality.
  3. Most employers make their conclusion on the provision of work to the applicant within the first 3 minutes after meeting. An important role in the first impression is the appearance. That is why it makes sense to acquaint your potential employer with your image - either it will favorably distinguish you from other applicants, and then the chance of getting a job will increase, or you will not immediately fit in one way or another and thereby save yourself half a day You spent on holding an empty interview for you.

Resume writing style must meet the following requirements:

  • brevity - absence of redundant words, incomprehensible abbreviations and terms ;
  • concreteness - lack of information that is not directly related to the vacancy;
  • focus - a statement of the main information confirming the right to apply for this position;
  • activity - the need to use active verbs, showing activity. For example, if you have only a basic knowledge of accounting, and they are necessary for this position, then you need to write "I know the basics of accounting and auditing." You should never write "participated", "assisted", because it allows you to think that you stood aside and provided different services from time to time. ;
  • accuracy and clarity of thought ;
  • selectivity - involves careful selection of information (do not try to fit everything in one resume. Remember, a resume must fully correspond to the position you are applying for!);
  • honesty (lack of unreliable information) ;
  • literacy .

Practical tips for writing a resume

To write a resume correctly, it is important to be very specific in the choice of formulations:

  • do not write:
    • conducted training
    • helped get rid of errors
    • I quickly learn new knowledge
  • should write:
    • trained two new employees
    • reduced errors by 5%, saving the company 40,000 tenge.
    • mastered the new procedures in a record time - in two weeks

Do not be wordy and avoid passive forms:

  • do not write:
    • responsible for the execution
    • found application
    • was responsible for:
  • should write:
    • fulfilled
    • effectively used
    • responsible for:

Give preference to positive information:

  • do not write:
    • dealt with complaints:
    • prevented a decline in the share of sales
    • transferred from office:
  • should write:
    • helped clients in:
    • increased product potential in the market
    • promoted to the position

Focus on your accomplishments:

  • do not write:
    • worked there for three years
    • did extra work
  • should write:
    • got a promotion
    • always did work on time

Characteristics of the professional level:

Implemented, managed, researched, controlled, coordinated, provided, founded, organized, planned, proposed, developed, reorganized, decided, directed, created, enhanced, eliminated, participated, trained, etc.

Characteristics of personal qualities:

Neat, attentive, disciplined, reliable, sincere, persistent, objective, optimistic, logical, practical, enterprising, thinking, purposeful, tactful, honest, economical, energetic, etc.

In conclusion, it is important to pay attention to the following details:

  • Ask someone who is fluent in the language in which the resume is written to check it..
  • In the description of this work, use verbs in the present tense, for example, I work, I design; accordingly, when describing previous jobs, use past tense verbs.
  • Be consistent: if you once used the abbreviation, use it throughout the summary (but it is better to give all the names in full).
  • Avoid long phrases and intricate words.
  • Clearly highlight the necessary headings.
  • Make sure your resume is in the same style.
  • Choose a style that is easy to read (large fields, not small fonts, sufficient line spacing, etc.) .
  • Use good quality white paper.
  • It is very important to fit your resume on one, maximum, two pages.
  • Be sure that you will be able to confirm all the information you included in the resume.

The main mistakes when writing a resume

At present, you can find ready-made resume templates on some of the Internet’s personnel sites, which are quite simple to fill out. However, experienced personnel workers are able to distinguish a self-made resume, on which the author has worked, pondering and polishing each word, and a resume, compiled from dictation.

Besides It is important to avoid the following mistakes when making a resume:

  • inconsistency of the work biography, education, applicant's experience with the objective requirements for the position or by the employer;
  • too short summary - it is not clear, whether the author has nothing to say about himself, or whether he is a "gray mouse";
  • Demonstration of frequent relocation without explanation of objective reasons;
  • lack of indications of professional growth;
  • indication of many different training courses and seminars; indications of professional growth;
  • a very detailed summary containing a lot of unnecessary information and lyrical digressions or manifestations of inappropriate humor.

So, a well-formed resume is your assistant in search of decent work, so it is recommended to constantly develop your own skills and know how to create a resume. However, a resume is only a document, it will not replace the wealth of your personality, which means you need to learn effective self-presentation during interviews and interviews.

Specialist Comments

Frolov Nikolay
30 Апреля 2017 в 12.00

Dear our potential candidate, I want to draw your attention: Resumes are not accepted if you have photographed it via a mobile phone. You can send in one letter to our email in the microsoft word format, also attach an identity card, certificates and peels to it, but not more than 5 Mb. Every day we receive more than 1000 resumes, so please be patient and wait, if you are not called back, then send the documents a week later. But a huge request, follow the instructions strictly by phone, because if you sent wrong, the system does not automatically accept your documents. Talk with relatives or friends who can help you or tell you if you can not make a resume in word and copy documents there on your own. Thank you for your attention to us and we will be glad to see in the ranks of our employees.

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